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Pinhole Surgical Technique: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 07, 2021
Pinhole Surgical Technique: Everything You Need to Know
The Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a gum rejuvenation treatment that was first introduced in 2006(1) by John Chao. D.D.S. and has been used to save millions of teeth throughout the U.S. and beyond.


The Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a gum rejuvenation treatment that was first introduced in 2006(1) by John Chao. D.D.S. and has been used to save millions of teeth throughout the U.S. and beyond. The minimally invasive treatment is a scalpel-free, suture-free, and graft-free solution that is viewed by many patients (and dentists) to be the best way to reverse the damage caused by gum recession.

It is a procedure that can only be completed by a pinhole Academy-certified dentist. Dr. Markle and the Bacon Rouge Perio team of experienced dental

If you have been diagnosed with receding gums or have noticed the symptoms of a very common oral health problem, seeking a quick solution is essential. While there are many potential treatments that could help rebuild a healthy smile, the Pinhole® Surgical Technique is one of the most popular choices. Dr. Kenneth Markle and the Baton Rouge Perio team take pride in providing the service to patients across Red Stick and the wider Louisiana region.

experts are proud to offer this treatment, helping hundreds of patients each year.


Gum recession is one of the most common oral health issues in the U.S., with roughly one in two(2) Americans experiencing gum disease. Gum recession is when the tissues that protect the teeth are pulled back to reveal pockets, which subsequently allow harmful bacteria to cause infections and other problems that can spread to other body parts.

When left untreated, gum recession significantly increases the risk of further oral health problems, such as;

  • Gingivitis and periodontal disease,
  • Tooth weakening and potential loss,
  • Damage to the jawbone,
  • Bacterial infections that spread to other body parts.

It should also be noted that the prevention of further gum recession will also prevent further aesthetical damage.


Pinhole® Surgical Technique procedures must be completed in an accurate way by a certified Pinhole Academy graduate but the internationally acclaimed treatment is also regularly praised for its simplicity.

Rather than cutting into the gum with a scalpel or requiring a graft. Instead, a tiny needle is used to create pinholes in the affected and localized part of the mouth. Following this, the surrounding healthy, collagen-rich tissues are manually moved until they cover the exposed parts of the tooth root.

Collagen actively allows the body to naturally repair itself, which is seen in wound recovery on all parts of the body. By creating the microscopic “injuries” courtesy of the pinhole needle, the technique enables the gum to restore itself over the next 24 hours due to the high level of blood cells and collagen in this part of the body. This ensures that the immediate benefits of shifting healthy tissues are further supplemented.

The Pinhole® Surgical Technique is one that also requires membrane strips to be applied, which subsequently accelerates the ongoing recovery and enables the mouth to return to its former appearance and function. Due to the nature of the procedure, no special preparations or pre-treatment appointments are required.

In short, then, the procedure is used to cover the currently exposed tooth root by pulling gums back into their natural position. Gums will no longer look receded and are returned to their pre-gum disease condition.


The Pinhole® Surgical Technique is only one of several potential treatments to repair the damage caused by receding gums. However, it has established itself as one the preferred choice for many patients due to an extensive range of benefits over more traditional procedures. Some of the most appealing features gained from having this treatment with Dr. Markle are;

  1. A single treatment can correct the damage caused to an entire arch.
  2. Procedures can treat up to 14 teeth, which is a significantly higher number than many alternative treatments on the market.
  3. Dr. Markle can complete the procedure in as little as 5-10 minutes per tooth, with most procedures lasting under one hour.
  4. The treatment does not require any scalpel cuts to be made.
  5. A successful Pinhole® Surgical Technique procedure saves the need for expensive and more invasive treatments later on.
  6. Patients can see an immediate improvement, with significant results seen in just 24 hours, followed by weeks of gradual rejuvenation.
  7. The results can last a lifetime when the treatment is followed by good oral hygiene.
  8. Most patients can return to light activities in just 48 hours.
  9. The vast majority of patients receiving a Pinhole® Surgical Technique gum restoration only need over-the-counter post-treatment pain relief.
  10. Due to its focus on using the body’s natural collagen levels, the Pinhole® Surgical Technique is deemed one of the most natural gum restoration treatments.

Crucially, the procedure will restore your natural smile to its former glory while simultaneously protecting your gums and teeth against future damage. The Pinhole® Surgical Technique is one that will give you a reason to smile once more.


If you are searching "am I a suitable candidate for pinhole surgical technique?" online, the short answer is that it is suitable for most candidates with significant gum recession. The symptoms you may have noticed include, but are not limited to;

  • Visible shrinkage to the gums,
  • Painful or sensitive gums,
  • Bleeding gums when brushing,
  • Bad breath
  • Red and swollen gums.

Not all patients with receding gums will be suitable candidates for a Pinhole® Surgical Technique, though. You will need to have a sufficient level of healthy gum tissue around the adjacent teeth. Meanwhile, smokers will need to commit to quitting for several weeks.

If you have gum recession and believe you could benefit from a Pinhole® Surgical Technique procedure, the best advice is to book a consultation with Dr. Markle on 225-396-4587 to confirm suitability and discuss the treatment in full detail. The road to restored oral health and appearances starts here.